New Work: Austin Bat Cave

Austin Bat Cave has been a long time client of LewisCarnegie. When they expressed interest in a fresh interpretation of the brand, we happily took the challenge. We recognized the current logo was a great concept. It contains all the essential elements that defines a creative writing program in Austin. So we convinced ABC they simply needed a refresh that would be relevant to their audience – kids, parents and donors.

Austin Bat Cave
Since 2007, Austin Bat Cave is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides children and teenagers (ages 6-18) with opportunities to develop their creative and expository writing skills. ABC connects a diverse population of young writers and learners with a vibrant community of adult volunteers in Austin. All of their programs are free.

The Rebrand

We recognized their current logo was created in the right spirit, but fell short in tone. The mark was inconsistent and difficult to use across various mediums. The pen quill speaks to an older audience while the kids the organization serves don't recognize it. We all agreed we needed to embrace an apparent core brand value: FUN. We started by replacing the quill with a pencil and thickening the line work for legibility. We flipped the bat over to convey a more positive and recognizable icon. We updated the typography into a shape that works as a badge or an overlay across all mediums. And we brightened the color palette with interchangeable color.  All in the spirit of fun. 

Old Logo

New logo

We can’t wait to roll out the full refresh of the brand and our whimsical approach to it over the next few months as its released to the public.  Stay tuned…

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