Movie Night: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

Lewis Carnegie presents…
The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

Join us for movie night at the studio! We’ll be opening our doors around 7pm and starting the movie at 7:30pm. BYOB, and we'll bring the popcorn. 

Wednesday, January 14
1312 Cesar Chavez (through the back gate)

Open spaces in cities function in different ways. Inspirational urban advocate William H. Whyte presents an informative look at why some spaces work, while others do not. Using New York City's Seagram Plaza as a starting point, this video analyzes why certain urban spaces are more popular than others, and why public spaces are necessary at all. The founder of The Project for Public Spaces, Whyte narrates this film and guides us through an observation of a number of public spaces in an original and witty way. ~ Cara Saposnik, Rovi, New York Times


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