Love Smells a Munky. Austin Bat Cave's Vol. 5 "Young Love"

Kids in Texas have something to say: they like writing. Funded by donations and fueled by volunteers, Austin Bat Cave helps young writers improve their writing skills and, additionally, helps them get published at an early age. Their latest anthology, Volume 5 Young Love, is a collection of poems, stories, songs, and illustrations about love and the range of emotions and experiences associated with love. In case you’ve forgotten your childhood, adults aren’t the only ones who know about heartbreak, unrequited love, and first kisses. Oh, and if you’re wondering what love smells like, look no further.

Evident throughout the book, love—and especially young love—is described as both easy and hard, happy and sad, enduring and fleeting. We are fortunate to have been a part of producing this book that keeps us either giggling or sighing, but always learning. For more excellent insights, wisdom, advice, and drawings about love, Volume 5 Young Love has hit the internet shelves at for $15. All proceeds benefit the free and awesome writing programs of Austin Bat Cave. 

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