RPM Austin Web and Mobile site are now LIVE

We had the privilege to work on the new Reed Prototype and Model website. It was a inspiring opportunity to work with yet another local company that produces amazing work. RPM’s prototypes look so real and are so detail oriented, it’s easy to think they were fully functionable objects. Some of the favorite moments from this project come from walking through the shop with Phil Reed to see what was in production. There were numerous “I can’t believe you can do that!” conversations about their capabilities and product samples. That push-the-limit attitude was shared with what they wanted to do on their website. The last thing they wanted was a traditional site with type driven navigation. They wanted interaction with subtle surprises. The final development uses Flash (gasp!) but with custom code to be indexable and searchable across all platforms and browsers. The site utilizes many levels of randomization to keep it interesting for users – although simple enough to get to content easily when needed.

We also created a sister site for mobile platforms and non-Flash friendly browsers or tablets. It was fun to work within the limitations of the tablet screen size and navigation. Its a clean and simple solution but full of intuitive information that is available and intuitive to users. We look forward to pushing this technology as it develops.

We worked with Ross Henderson on development. We can't say enough good things about his quality of work and his capability to think beyond what exists and what can be done. Thank you, Ross!

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