Aaron Draplin at the Studio 1

Thursday 4/7
7:30 - 10:00

In association with the Creative Workers Union, Lewis Carnegie is happy to have Aaron James Draplin of Draplin Design Co. will be showing his work and telling us his tale, the tale of a midwest kid who goes into a "two men enter - one man leaves" battle with the design world for all that is moral and just. This tail includes freedom, graphic arts, independence, fonts, things that are orange, weiner dogs and whatever else pops into his thinker on the big night.

Not only will you leave with stories ...to tell your grandchildren, but you'll have a chance to grab some great DDC merch. Now's your chance to shake hands with Dale Dixon as he shows you around the merch table to find that perfect DDC item for your home or workspace.

Ten dollars gets in you in the door and come early and score some Field Notes at the door!

Visit the DDC site: http://www.draplin.com/

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