Sweet Sweet Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf tea-shirt (get it?) design for the Austin City Limits Festival.


  1. Why is it called sweet leaf tea? What's in it? Is stevia in it, or something?

  2. To be honest, I am not sure - http://www.sweetleaftea.com

    give them a try.

  3. Good work on the design! I'm in Operations at Sweet Leaf Tea...

    We call ourselves Sweet Leaf because of having enough sweetness to make you happy, but not too little or too much to make your taste buds cringe. At various points, we tried a stevia sweetener, but we just couldn't get over the aftertaste unfortunately; thus, sucralose is used.

    Do check us out; we've got a flavor for everyone. Mine is Diet Peach. I drink anywhere from two to six each day.

    Russell Clayton

  4. Thanks Russell - great company/great product. I'm a purist by nature - give me original all day long. Little bit of Titos and I'm done.