Who is Lewis Carnegie?

We get that alot. People who don't know that Lewis Carnegie is just a combination of our last names usually call asking for "Lewis". Up to this point we haven't had a clever response for them. But all that has changed thanks to Mark Todd.

Mark is an illustrator we met through another buddy last year in Maine. He has been living in New York putting together these great little xeroxed zeens that he would illustrate and bind together. His sense of image, type and humor always made us laugh. Now he has put together something for us in the same spirit. Its fun and we couldn't more thrilled.

The books have been screened and bound. If you would like one, we would love to send you a copy. Hopefully every year we'll be able to re-define and continue to answer the question – "Who is Lewis Carnegie?"

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  1. this is a great idea! i loved the mock up and i am sure the final came out fantastic. if you have one to pass my way i will treat it well.